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Employment & Career Preparation Workshops

JWJJWCharities, Inc. takes pride in its community service projects. We are especially proud of our efforts to enhance the leadership, tutoring and mentoring skills of our youth and young adults, members of the community and especially today's youth. Through seminars, conferences, forums and leadership teams we can make a difference in the way our youth cope in their day-to-day lives, in our ever-changing complex world. We provide our youth with the vocational and technical tools they need to be successful and productive citizen.ens.


Our mission is to help youth and young adults identify their natural abilities (gifts, talents), and great proficiency (skills), through written and/or verbal assessments to direct individuals in walking in their purpose.


In the near future, JW Charities, Inc. will open 'JW School of Purpose' a private preparatory school that will use interactive and creative ways to train and teach each student by focusing on their natural abilities and skills. The school will build a spiritual foundation that each student will use to identify their reason for existing. Once their purpose is identified, each student will be challenged and encouraged to move and operate in their creative purpose. The school will partner with local Businesses in the area to assist students once a week in a customized on-the-job training course to assist students with staying on track of their career goals. Students will be matched with employers currently operating in their career interest.

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Our focus is to start a community model youth program that fosters work preparation services for our future leaders.

Life goals - We all have visions and dreams. Let's transform those thoughts into written form. As we see the vision in writing it becomes believable. Therefore, it becomes reality and is transformed into the tangible.

Preparation - It is important to understand how to get from point A to point B. There are certain tools necessary to develop these skills and move forward in the fulfillment of your dreams.

Character - Getting the job is one thing, but how do we shine so well on the job that your employer promotes you within a few months. Attitude is the key to building a productive, long lasting relationship with your employer.

Major program components include:


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